Are you ever shocked to find that something isn’t on Netflix?

Like, how could they not have The Fifth Element?

Photo Credit: Netflix

They have it on DVD, but I stopped using that part of Netflix back when rainbow looms were still a thing:

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Lucky for all of us, there’s a remedy…kind of:

Photo Credit: did you know?

So, yes, you can totally go to Netflix and request three titles:

Photo Credit: dyk?/Netflix

As the Fact Snack says, there is no guarantee that they’ll actually do anything about it, but if they do, they will notify you.

Beyond that, they also suggest you follow them on social media to keep up with new releases and view their FAQ about how Netflix licenses TV shows and movies.

Bonus! You can only submit three titles at a time, but it seems like you can fill out that form as many times as you want. They even suggest as much every time you submit a trio of titles.

To get started, just go to the Netflix Help Center, scroll to the bottom, and select “Request TV shows or movies.”

Then, I guess you just wait…

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