Both kids and adults like to be very specific about how they dunk an Oreo in a glass of milk (unless you’re one of those total creeps who doesn’t participate in this essential human activity). There’s been a debate for years about what exactly is the appropriate amount time you should submerge the classic cookie in a cold glass of milk. I’m happy to say that some smart cookies (zing!) at Utah State University finally have the answer.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Last year, some members of Utah State University’s Splash Lab were studying the behaviors of fluids and they decided to conduct some tests on America’s favorite cookie, Oreos. The team submerged Oreos (and some other cookies for comparison) in 2% milk for periods of time ranging from half a second to seven seconds. The Splash Lab folks then weighed the cookies to see how much milk each one had absorbed during the tests.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Splash Lab

The tests showed that Oreos take in 100% of their potential liquid weight in four seconds, so three seconds is the ideal amount of time to dunk your cookie. Less than three seconds won’t be adequate, but if you keep the Oreo submerged for more than three seconds, you’re dancing with the Devil.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

One interesting detail: your cookie maxes out with milk at the five-second mark. The study says, “keeping your cookie in the glass any longer than five seconds does not lead to any additional milk entering the cookies.” Of course, to each their own. People are gonna do what they’re gonna do, so this study is only a push in the right direction for those of us looking for the perfect dunk time. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Flickr, Chip Griffin

h/t: Mental Floss