This story starts out full of hope, moves on to a kind of sweet melancholy, and then finishes with a scene that, if you’re anything like me, will leave you an ooey-gooey mess.

Rescue group Tiny Kittens found Grandpa Mason, one of the oldest living feral cats they’d ever met, when the barns that he and some others called home were set to be torn down. The ancient kitty had a bunch of obvious issues that a vet took care of – wounds, a growth on his paw, and horrible teeth, to name a few – and when his bloodwork came back, they found that his advanced kidney disease meant he wouldn’t be with us for long.

Photo Credit: Facebook,tinykittens

Even though the old feral showed zero signs of shedding his ways and warming up to his human caregivers, they chose not to euthanize him.

“Mason’s many scars told us how hard he had fought to survive this long, and we were determined to give him a chance to experience comfort, safety, and freedom from pain during his sunset months.”

But while the shelter and foster volunteers assumed Grandpa Mason was just antisocial, the truth turned out to be that he just doesn’t care for humans (I mean, I don’t really blame him). But when the woman looking after the old guy brought a pair of foster kittens into the same room as him and set them loose to play, Grandpa Mason turned into a big softie and even rolled around with the little sprites on the floor.

Photo Credit: Facebook,tinykittens

“When Scrammy (ginger kitten) started licking Mason’s ear, and Mason leaned into it, I completely melted…The one thing missing for Mason had been contact with another living being, and while he didn’t want that from ME, he had clearly been craving it from his own kind,” said his foster mom.

Yeah. You’re going to click over to the Tiny Kittens Facebook page for actual video footage of the adorableness (and try not to melt into your coffee).

Photo Credit: Facebook,tinykittens

It just goes to show you (once again) that you can’t judge a book by its cover…and also, possibly, that even the beings with the gruffest exterior have a soft spot. You just have to find the right button to push!

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