When you were a teenager, chances are that you looked up to the “cool kids” – you wanted to be their friend, wanted your life to be more like theirs, or maybe wished they would just generally acknowledge your existence. But if none of those things ever transpired, don’t worry. It’s likely that, as an adult, you’ve fared far better than any of them.

According to recent research, “cool kids” tend to become romantically involved early and engage in delinquent activities like smoking, drinking, and shoplifting from a young age. But by the time they enter their early 20s, they’ve fallen behind their peers socially.

As adults, they’re likely to continue down the roads of substance abuse and criminal activity.

The study concludes:

“It appears that while so-called ‘cool’  teens’ behavior might have been linked to early popularity, over time, these teens needed more and more extreme behaviors to try to appear cool, at least to a subgroup of other teens. So they become involved in more serious criminal behavior and alcohol and drug use as adolescence progressed. These previously cool teens appeared less competent – socially and otherwise – than their less-cool peers by the time they reached young adulthood.”

So, if you were less than cool as a teenager, take heart. It’s less than it’s cracked up to be.

h/t: Spring.org

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