I promise, that headline is in no way misleading.

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This is the story of Prime Minister Johan de Witt (and his brother Cornelis) of Holland, who I humbly submit for the title of Worst Treatment During a Political Term…Ever.

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In 1672, the Dutch found themselves at war with nearly all of their neighbors. Why, you ask? Well, it doesn’t matter for this story. The country was being conquered without much resistance, which was, as you can imagine, a frustration to its citizens – who then went looking for a scapegoat.

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They found it in their Prime Minister and his brother. In quick succession, Johan was wounded by an assassin, forced to resign, then watched his brother was arrested, tortured, and exiled (on bogus charges). When Johan went to visit his exiled brother (as a private citizen), the two were attacked by an angry mob who beat them, stripped them naked, and hung them by their feet from a scaffold.

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Still wasn’t enough, though.

The brothers’ genitals were cut off, and they were eviscerated – their innards yanked out while they were still alive.

The tongue and finger of one of the brothers
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Nope. Still not enough.

The mob began to actually eat the entrails. According to some sources, the poor bastard Cornelis was still alive when this ghastly feast began.

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There are some posthumous statues erected to Johan in Holland, so that makes it all oka – no.  Nope. It definitely doesn’t make up for the angry cannibalism.

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I guess it doesn’t hurt, though.

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