People Muse On What They Would Send The World From Amazon If They Could

I like questions that are harder than they first appear, and I think this one definitely applies. I mean sure, I could pick something under $1k to send myself from Amazon (though it would take at least a little bit of thought), but if I was sending it to everyone?

That’s a bit harder, don’t you think?

These 15 people think they have some pretty good ideas, though, and after reading through them you just might agree!

15. We can all use that.

$500 worth of food & $500 worth of water.

14. No one will ever be unhappy again.

Burrito Blankets.

I mean how can there be conflict in the world if no one leaves their soft blanket.

13. I like it.

Solar panels.

3,875 terawatt of solar panels, or something like 1 terawatt of average production. Which would offset about one fifteenth of the world’s energy consumption. Or all the coal power in China.

12. I’ll take one of each.

Squatty potties!

And a bidet! That shit is LITERALLY life changing…

11. Even for the kids?

Dildos. Have fun.

10. Not actually a joke.

Condoms. Which sounds like a joke, but isn’t.

Access to birth control is a major issue in many countries, and it can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

9. The gift that keeps on giving.

Churro home cooking kits.

You’re welcome.

8. Everyone loves cash.

$1,000 visa gift card

I’m bad at gifts.

Economists point out that cash is the best gift if you don’t know someone intimately. A substantial proportion of the gifts given are immediately wasted because they are either pointless kitsch that the recipient doesn’t like, inferior versions of what the person wants, or something that they don’t want.

7. We all know they don’t have time for that.


I’m a postal worker and I’m not making my postal brothers/sisters lives more miserable by having to deliver any more amazon crap to every single person on their routes.

6. Why does this person hate us?

The biggest pack of sugar free gummy bears I can find.

I’m guessing for $1k, you’re all getting more than 5lbs worth.

5. It’s fun to freak people out.

A. V for vendetta mask. Just to see people freak out.

B. Flame throwers.

4. Make the world a better place.

Publish a Kindle book called “how to become a billionaire” and list it for 999 dollars.

Have bezos send a copy of my book to everyone in the world (about 8B)

Collect my earnings (between 8B and 8T USD)

I am now probably richer than Bezos.

Use all but like 100M to make the world a better place.

(the text of my book is printed above)

3. There’s always one selfish person in the bunch.

A rocking chair, because I want one and am short on cash.

2. A hobby for all.

I would get everyone what they need to get into gardening, just stuff they could even do in their kitchen.

Some soil, some seeds, a grow light, some cute pots, a cute watering can, and a basic horticulture book.

I just want everyone to try out growing something, it feels nice 🙂

1. They’re overthinking it.

When I read this I immediately considered how much money you would need to be able to give everyone a gift, but then I thought, really you should just give to the neediest. So a quick Google tells me that the average annual income in Burundi is $270/year for the 11.89 million people who live there.

Considering this, Jeff could quite easily double the income of every single person in the country for one year for the equivalent of 1.5% of his net worth. Imagine you could give away 1.5% of your money and make nearly 12 million people get double their annual current income overnight. At the current growth of his wealth, he could probably afford to do this every year and hardly notice.

Now imagine you had the wealth to do something like this, and you chose not to. You chose instead to do nothing but sit on top of your money.

I have no idea what I would choose. I might have to steal one of the ideas above.

What about you? If you were choosing, what would I be getting? Tell us your brilliant idea in the comments!