People Talk About the Big Companies They Think Are Overrated

There’s no doubt that a lot of big companies float by on their name and their reputation and they’re definitely overrated.

And today we’re gonna get an earful from AskReddit users about this topic!

Read on to see what they had to say.



The company burns through so much money, has never been profitable, has no moat, has a ton of competition, banned in some countries/cities, but still has a market cap of $80 Billion.”



It’s crazy how the perception of the company has changed over the years and how rapidly it’s changed.

I used to think of it as this bright and creative company and now it’s just so many negative things, from horrible workplace to scamming their players.”

Hot mess.


What a hot pile. It used to be a fun app for sharing pictures and reaching new people across the world.

Now it’s a cesspool of shi**y ads, OF models, influencers, and massive meme accounts posting all of the aforementioned.”


“Beats by Dr. Dre.

They were always overpriced & overrated headphones and more of a status symbol than anything.

Since Apple bought them they’ve gotten a little better but I’d rather have a pair of AirPods or Sony headphones than Beats for roughly the same price.”

All of ’em.

“All the big cellular companies.

I went from ATT to cricket and cut my bill to a fraction of what it was. The performance is the same or better. Big phone companies actually function more like payday loans.

The bills are high but they justify it with “free” phone upgrades.”



It’s incredibly expensive for basically a thing of bread.

They hardly fill their sandwiches anymore.”


“McDonalds. At least here in the UK.

The food used to taste better, but now it is so mediocre that I don’t bother anymore.

I’d rather pay a little more and go to a restaurant or a pub.”

Past its peak.

“I think Google has gone past its peak.

10 years ago it seemed like driverless cars were just a few years away and they had so many neat projects in the pipeline. Nowadays its products are becoming increasingly filled with ads.

The company spending billions on stock buybacks rather than further investment in R&D is a sign to me that they’ve run out of ideas.”

Going downhill.


They used to have popular movies and TV shows but now most of their content is cr**py Netflix Originals.

I just wanna rewatch classics, not some overrated remake of already-good movies.”

Inside info.

“Petsmart and Petco.

As someone who has worked there…

You can buy what they have there on Amazon for a way lower price.

Also, please don’t buy animals from any chain store. The animals are horribly a**sed and often have parasites by the time you get them. They get the animals(reptiles, birds, rodents, fish) from mass breeders.

These animals are bred in puppy mill like conditions. The minimum wage workers are clueless about how to care for specialized exotic animals. And the animals suffer for it. We lost over 100 fish daily.”

A distant memory.


They have been on a steady decline since online shopping became popular. I can remember when they were at the top.

They had the retail world by the balls for about 100 years. Now they’re just a distant memory. Gotta stay ahead of the curve.”

Can’t make up its mind.

“The North Face.

Schizophrenic company who can’t decide if they want to be urban or mountaineering. Two audiences that want nothing to do with each other.

They appear to be just chasing after dollars, reads zero integrity in my book. Summit series stuff is nice, some cool collab stuff, but they seem lost with everything in the middle.”

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