Syria has a rich, 5,000 year heritage that has now been destroyed by war.

The bombings started on July 19, 2012:

Ole Peder Amrud Hagen, who viewed this pic on Bored Panda, remembers being there.

A few years back I sat there and had an amazing meal in one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever visited. Now… an unbelievable tragedy.”

At first, this might look like it can’t possibly be two photos from the same spot. But, if you look down the road to the end, that hill is in both. And, there’s a sign on top of the building on the left that’s also in both shots. The mosque was obscured in the original shot by a building that is now a pile of rubble.

You can see it in the photos below:

Paradise wasn’t lost. It was destroyed.

An estimated 470,000 lives have been lost, and over four million of Syria’s citizens have fled the country.

Over 13 million people still residing in Syria are in need of assistance.