It’s been well over a month since we’ve heard anything from Niantic regarding an event, but news has finally arrived!

SOURCE: Niantic

From their website:


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a sweeter time to double the amount of Candy you’ll earn every time you catch, hatch, and transfer Pokémon. Your Buddy Pokémon is also getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit and will find Candy twice as fast!

Throughout the celebration, you’ll notice that Chansey, Clefable, and many other adorable pink Pokémon will be encountered more frequently in the wild. Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum will also be more likely to hatch from Eggs. And to help you paint your town pink this Valentine’s Day, Lure Modules will last for six hours for the entire duration of the event.

This limited-time celebration will only be available from 11:00 A.M. PST on February 8, 2017, to 11:00 A.M. PST on February 15, 2017, so grab your valentine, get out, and explore the world around you!

—The Pokémon GO team

So the first question I’m wondering right off the bat is what are the other pink Pokémon?

Slopoke, Slobro, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff and Exeggcute spring to mind. Also, clearly Clefairy will pop up more as well. Another one that’ll likely spawn more is Lickitung, which many trainers are missing from their Pokédex and usually haven’t seen in the wild. There are other Pokémon with pink parts like Parasect’s shell, the entire Bellsprout family’s lips and Diglettt family’s noses, but that might be a stretch.

The biggest news though is the fact that Chansey will spawn more. First, there are a fair amount of trainers out there who have never seen a Chansey in the wild, so this will be particularly fun for those folks. Second, this pretty much ensures that when Gen 2 comes out (in 2018 perhaps?!?!), you’ll be able to evolve to a Blissey ASAP.

SOURCE: Tumblr

As for the babies hatching more frequently, many don’t yet have a Smoochum so that’s good news as well for trainers frustrated by how the babies were rolled out. It’d be nice if hatches were increased across the board, because of Valentine’s major theme of love, but I guess we’ll see if maybe that’s a surprise they’ll spring on us.

The biggest deal here, though, is the candy. The most popular event Niantic has had so far has been 2016’s Halloween event because of how much candy we all accumulated during that event. And while 3X is better than 2X, I know that this will motivate trainers who may have been dormant recently due to the lack of any exciting updates.

So what’s next for Pokémon GO? St. Patrick’s Day is on the horizon, and it’s celebrated in many countries around the world, including Japan, so it’s likely we’ll see another event. Perhaps based around lucky Pokémon? We shall see.

What are your thoughts? What events and updates do you want to see? Tell us in the comments below!

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