I remember last summer when all I heard about was Pokémon GO. It was all over my newsfeed on Facebook, saturating all the photos I saw on Instagram. People proclaiming “I caught Snorlax!” on Twitter. The game was taking over the world.

It was a more innocent time…

Photo Credit: Facebook, Pokémon Go

But I guess there was also a bit of a downside to the game that captured the nation’s attention. A new study by Purdue University via Gamespot sheds a dark light on the legacy of Pokémon GO. The study focused on Tippecanoe County, Indiana for their research, and the results were pretty shocking.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Pokémon Go

Using that representative sample, the folks behind the study concluded that, nationwide, Americans distracted while playing Pokémon GO caused roughly 140,000 car accidents, between 2 and 7 BILLION DOLLARS worth of damage…and they argue the game was to blame for an estimated 250 deaths.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Of course, since these numbers are a result of statistical analysis, they are likely not exact, but it is a fascinating study nonetheless. It would be nice if the negative news about distracted driving and the damage done would convince people to put their phones away while they’re behind the wheel, but it people never learn.

Pay attention out there!

Photo Credit: Twitter, Pokémon Go

h/t: Smosh