Are you a “citizen of the world?”

Do you feel just as comfy in Cairo as you do in Cleveland?

Photo Credit: Hyatt

That’s Cleveland BTW.

But this…

Photo Credit: Traveling Panties

is also Cleveland.

So is…

Photo Credit: CNN

Just kidding. That last one was Cairo.

Now that I’ve got you properly discombobulated…

You feel OK seeing a picture of a world capital and telling me where it is?

What if I take out the monuments?

Photo Credit: Viral-Vidz

I mean, I was just going to use Photoshop – or, rather, I was just going to embed a quiz that used Photoshop.

But, if you’d like to pretend that the entire quiz was made possible by 1980s super-magician David Copperfield, I will not stand in your way.