I’m just gonna let you know right now, that I am a Master Waterfall Chaser:

Photo Credit: playbuzz

I did miss one, but it’s only because I jumped the gun.

This song has a crazy good backstory.

And, it starts with Organized Noize:

Photo Credit: IMDb

If you haven’t seen that film, and you love this song, then your journey is incomplete.

The film includes the most in-depth description of how this song came to be that I’ve ever found, and all of that is sandwiched into how they were also birthing the sounds that gave us this guy:

Photo Credit: Julio Enriquez

(Who also sang background vocals on Waterfalls).

And, oh yeah. They’re also the people who created the beats and sound behind these two dudes:

Photo Credit: LaFace Records

Anyhow, you should definitely check out that film.

Now, let’s see how you do on this quiz:

How’d it go?

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