A lot of people first met Tim Curry like this:

Photo Credit: Fox

But, for me, Tim Curry was first the butler from Clue:


Photo Credit: Paramount

And he was the head-wizard guy in this:

And only then was he Franky:

Photo Credit: Fox

But, when it comes to the Tim Curry role that reigns supreme, the butler definitely still does it for me:

Clue is an amazing film for so many reasons.

The cast alone is reason to keep it in your time-capsule.

It was the first time I ever saw this guy:


Photo Credit: Carsey-Warner

Though I quickly learned that he used to be this guy thanks to Nick-at-Nite:

Photo Credit: deadspin

I already knew Ms. Peacock from Private Benjamin:

Photo Credit: CBS

And Mr. Green’s been totally crushing it lately on Better Call Saul:

Photo Credit: AMC

Not to mention, of course:

Photo Credit: Universal

Photo Credit: Universal

And Mrs. White in Young Frankenstein:

Photo Credit: Gruskoff/Venture

Photo Credit: Gruskoff/Venture

So this film is important.

It should be in the Library of Congress! Start a petition!

But start it later.

Because right now, you’re going to take this quiz:

How’d you do?

I missed two.

Photo Credit: Everett Collection

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