It’s getting harder and harder to say what the most played song in the world is, given that it’s difficult to track Internet views on that sort of thing, so bear that in mind as I go forward with this post.

Before we get to the most played song ever, let’s start with number 4.

For the sake of suspense. You understand, right?

#4. “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia

You remember this song, ’80s babies! I was in college when it hit big, and it seemed as if I heard it a lot – and I didn’t even live in Australia, where it was played up to 75 times per day for a decade.

#3. “Yesterday” by The Beatles

This classic has been played over 7 million times worldwide since it’s release. Which, for this song, actually seems kind of low…

#2. “You’ve Lost That Loving Feelin'” by The Righteous Brothers

This one has been played 8 million times worldwide since it came out – I can’t help but think it was helped along by being featured in Top Gun.

Now, while some of those songs might feel overplayed, I doubt that you hate any of them. You’ll feel differently, I’m sure, about number 1, no matter how much you love your visits to a certain theme park…

#1. “It’s a Small World”

It’s been played over 50 millions times. Yikes.

h/t: Mental Floss