Most of us have probably said, at one time or another, that we’d like to see the world. Maybe we didn’t mean the WHOLE world – it would be cool to see Antartica and all, but it’s super cold and dangerous there, soooooo – but this package from MSC Cruises promises to help you do just that.

The luxury ship will depart from Genoa, Italy on January 5th, 2019 and make 49 stops in 32 countries. You’ll make stops (an average of 13 hours apiece, though some will be longer) in France, Spain, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Columbia before crossing the Panama Canal. That will put you in Los Angeles by February, New Zealand in March, and, finally, Dubai by April before returning to Italy in early May. Other stops include more exotic locales like Bora Bora and Fiji.

Photo Credit: MSC Cruises

Like all cruises, the ship is outfitted with spas, pools, restaurants and bars, and at each port you’ll have the option of booking excursions like snorkeling, diving, national park tours, etc.

The cheapest tickets (for a double state room) are $18,000 and go on sale December 14th of 2017. That means you’ve got 12 months to figure out how to pay, and two years after that to arrange to take 5 months off from your life to travel the world.

Totally doable, really. So, bon voyage?