Are you one of those people who immediately flops all over the place when someone even brushes certain parts of your body with their hands? I am. I might be the most ticklish human being who ever walked the face of the Earth.

So why the hell can’t I tickle myself? Trust me, I’ve tried when I’m bored. Turns out, as usual, that science has the answer, and it’s all because of our brains.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Our cerebellums are aware of every single movement we make. When you try to tickle yourself, your cerebellum is already wise to the fact that you’re doing it, so your body is prepared for it and the surprise is ruined. Your body is so finely tuned that it knows where and how hard you’re going to tickle yourself – but, when someone else is doing the tickling, it’s another story entirely.

Your somatosensory cortex and your cingulate cortex process touch and good feelings, respectively, and studies have shown that both parts of the brain are much less active when you try to tickle yourself as opposed to when someone else is torturing…I mean tickling, you.

Basically, don’t waste your time trying to pull this off anymore because it just ain’t happening.

h/t: The Chive