She Won’t Listen to Her Mother-In-Law’s Speech at Her Wedding. Is She Wrong?

I’m kind of with this woman on this one

I don’t like speeches…and that includes GIVING them and LISTENING to them.

But that’s just my opinion!

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AITA for refusing to listen to MIL’s speech at my wedding?

“So I h**e speeches. I never understood the appeal.

I think they are boring, exhausting and very very forced but having said that, this is just my opinion and I never forced it on anyone. I have sat through long excoriating speeches without complaining like any other decent human being.

When it was my turn to get married however, I requested no speeches. We wrote that we loved everyone and that we knew they loved us so if you want to say anything say it to us directly, in private. My husband thought it was funny but he knew my feelings about speeches.

We had a small wedding with only loved ones. a weekend long. My husband loves games so the wedding planner did a really great “task master” type of games and everyone appreciated it.

Dinner came and MIL stood up and started by saying (I know we are forbidden to make speeches by the bride but this is my only son getting married so I will day what I want to….) I didn’t hear the rest because I was seeing red.

My sisters and bridesmaids were shocked. I pretended like she wasn’t talking and continued my conversation with my girls. They did the same.

MIL was furious, both SIL’s were furious and my husband was very angry that it showed in his profile, he refused to look at me. the rest of the night was awkward. my husbands side sulking in their seats. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t ruined for the rest of us and we ended up having a blast. nest day I spent it with my family and friends.

My husband said that I was very wrong in what I did. I couldn’t force MIL to stfu and he knew she wouldn’t no matter how much we told her. I should’t have disrespected and humiliated her like this. our marriage started on the wrong foot it seems.


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