You won’t find them by the seashore, but if you’re a film student in need of some good material, Stephen King has a baby he’d like to sell you:

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Normally, if someone, anyone really, but especially a well-known horror-fiction legend, offers you a baby for a dollar, you’d do well to turn and run the other direction as fast as possible.

But these babies are different.

These babies could grow into a short film for you.

There is an application process, so you don’t just PayPal the dude a dollar and get to raid the closet. You have to select a story from an ever-rotating list and then send a message, where I imagine you’d do well to argue why your adaptation would be worthy.

There’s a large warning that your message will not go direct to Stephen King, and all other inquiries not related to the “Dollar Babies” will be deleted, so this is not the place to pitch your treatment for The Long Walk.

You’ll receive a reply in two to four weeks.

There’s no payment method in the submission form, so I’d assume you only pay for the ones they grant you rights to.

Some of the titles available when I was writing this article include:

  • A Very Tight Place
  • Luckey Quarter
  • Here There Be Tygers
  • Cain Rose Up
  • Popsy
  • The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands
  • The Ballad Of The Flexible Bullet
  • In The Deathroom
  • I Am The Doorway
  • L.T.’s Theory Of Pets
  • One For The Road
  • The Man Who Loved Flowers
  • The Last Rung On The Ladder
  • That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French

So if you’re a film student, I can’t think of a reason NOT to try this out.

Good luck!

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