When film student Anthony van der Meer‘s iPhone was stolen, it understandably freaked him out. After all, we keep all sorts of personal information and photographs on our phones, and once it was gone, a stranger had access to all of it.

He couldn’t help but wonder what sort of person steals phones, and what happened to his after it disappeared from his possession.

And, since he’s a clever millennial film student, he decided that he needed answers to his questions.

So, he hid an app in another phone using the same spyware that enables the “Find My Phone” feature, and used it to spy on the person who stole that one (by design). Whenever the phone was on and connected to the Internet, van der Meer was able to listen to calls, read messages, see photos, and he recorded audio and video of all of these actions.

He compressed the footage into a darn interesting 21-minute documentary which shows us, among other things, how easy it is for someone (or some corporation) to spy on us in the digital age.

His phone, for what it’s worth, was last seen in Romania. The video has been viewed almost 6 million times.