A young female hippopotamus at a zoo in Israel recently decided she needed to get out and explore a little bit.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The hippo somehow escaped its enclosure and calmly walked out of an open zoo gate. A shocked security guard followed her outside, but made no attempt to wrangle the massive, potentially deadly animal.

Photo Credit: YouTube

After a couple minutes, the young hippo returned to the zoo on her own. Guess she wasn’t too impressed with the outside world.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Of course, the people of the Internet absolutely loved it.

Photo Credit: Twitter, NeidigHome

Photo Credit: Twitter, BIGMAN19855

It’s worth noting that hippos are extremely dangerous – they kill more people than any other animal in Africa. If a hippo is gonna escape the zoo, this is literally the best possible scenario.

Watch the whole video below.

h/t: Distractify