Teenager Asks if She’s Wrong for Sarcastically Congratulating Her Dad

Way to go, Dad!

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In fact, it seems like there might be some major family drama going on here.

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AITA for sarcastically congratulating my dad?

“So when I (f17) was 5 my dad left my mom and me.

Since then I saw him maybe 3-4 times at family functions. From my family, I found out he got married and had other kids. I figured he wouldn’t have been a good dad just because of the type of dad he’s been to me my whole life.

Yesterday was my great grandma’s 100th birthday so we were doing a big party for her. A few days ago I found out from my grandma my dad is going to be there and more than likely with his kids. I was still going to go though because I’ve always been close to my great-grandma.

About an hour of me being at this party my dad, his wife, and their 2 kids walk in. The kids were about 3 and 6 years old. I watched them off and on through the party… My dad was actually being a dad, he was playing with his kids and listening to them, even had cute nicknames for them.

Then my dad came up to me and said pretty much “Uh… Hey (my name)… Um how have you… Been… It’s..um been a while”. I will admit I was upset seeing my dad act like the person he never was to me and has never put in the effort.

So I said I’m okay I then pointed over to his kids and said congrats on actually being a dad this time around. My dad got mad and said he’s sorry but he can’t change the past… But he never even puts up an effort now to call or text me or wants to come to visit me.

I then had other family members tell me I need to grow up and get over it and now be happy for my dad. So AITA?

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