The interwebs sure love themselves some cat videos.

And despite their unquestionable preference for Tesla, it seems we do owe Thomas Edison credit for…

Cats with pianos:

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Pirate cats:

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And, whatever the heck this f’awesome cat cloud fatasmagasm is:

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Because our love of cats doing stupid stuff on camera is not new.

It was Edison, after all, who dropped the first cat video over 120 years ago:

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He also filmed regular people boxing. In fact, in June of 1894, he  set up the first version of the pay-per-view fight by recording each round and charging buyers $22.50 for each round. That’d be about $619 dollars today.

All six rounds for $135 would be about $3,700 today.

Here’s that  fight:

Edison was a pioneer of the moving picture, and some of his earliest shorts feature cats boxing.

The US Library of Congress has one of them.

The 22-second clip features cats in harnesses and boxing gloves, as a dapper gentleman does his best to keep the illusion alive.

Check it out for yourself, below:

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