If you’re ever find yourself traveling near Lancashire, England, and you’d like a great view of the area set to eerie music, then you better make time for a stop at the Singing Ringing Tree:

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Some of the pipes are just there for structure and show, but many of them have been cut, drilled, and tuned to produce specific tones as the wind passes through them:

It’s eerie AF, but somehow perfect for the setting, just over the town of Burnley.

The sculpture, designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu, is one of 4 Panopticons, 21st century landmarks set at points that give one a comprehensive view of the area that were commissioned by the local arts council.

The other three sculptures give views of the land from vantages near their own East Lancashire towns.

Hitting each one would essentially give you a pretty full tour of East Lancashire while also allowing you to take in some great art and amazing scenery.

There’s The Atom, near Pendle:

Colourfields, in Blackburn:

And there’s Haslingden’s Halo:

Since you kind of have to hear The Tree to truly appreciate it, and it might be a while before you can book a trip to Burnley, here’s a video:

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