Tumblr Thread Show Nothing’s Unimportant to Historians

Ever feel like your time spent or your contributions to this world are so mundane that no one in the future would care?

You, dear reader, are absolutely wrong.

In the future, everything we do and our attitudes about them will be fascinating. In fact, we should be writing everything down somewhere, because we are laying the foundation for all the wonderful innovations soon to come. WE WILL BE ADORABLE.

Check out his Tumblr thread that illustrates this point.

Just-Shower-Thoughts posted a thoughtful question.

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Libertarian –princess had a thoughtful answer.

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Kaitoukitty chimed in with another more recent and maddening example.

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Elidyce emphasizes what a shame this all is.

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And xxvioletlovexx sums it up perfectly.

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So, if you think you’re living the most boring life ever, please write down every bit of it.

You are going to be a hero one day with your,

“Dear Diary, today he wore green and blue plaid socks that were the cutest.

As our bus drove us across our little town of Flapjack, he continued to read “Little Women,” and I swear he saw me watching him while I ate my ham and cheese, with a dab of spicy mustard, on rye.”

Critically important information.