This will come in handy no matter who you are. You can utilize this in school, work, or even when your significant other yells their grocery list at you as you walk out the door. Recent research from the University of Waterloo in Canada shows that reading and speaking text aloud together is a much more effective way to remember information than just reading it or hearing it spoken to you.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The combination of reading and saying it out loud helps make a memory stronger. The study focused on 95 college students over two semesters. They were asked to remember as many nouns as they could from a list of 160 words. In one session, they read the words aloud into a microphone. Other times people read words to them, they read them silently, or they heard their own recorded voice reading the words. They were then tested to see how many of the words they could remember.

Out of all of the different methods, students remembered the most words when they had read them aloud. The authors of the study suggest that part of the reason for the outcome is because people remember things better if they are a part of it. When you’re reading aloud, you are actively participating instead of being a passive observer – so your memory becomes stronger.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The researchers said that their findings “suggest that production is memorable in part because it includes a distinctive, self-referential component. This may well underlie why rehearsal is so valuable in learning and remembering: We do it ourselves, and we do it in our own voice. When it comes time to recover the information, we can use this distinctive component to help us to remember.”

So remember, read it out loud when you want to commit it to memory! I wish I knew this trick when I was in school…

h/t: Mental Floss