Are you one of those people who dreads getting dragged to museums? Think you’re gonna be bored out of your mind while your family and friends take forever to wander through the exhibits?

Well you never have to get pissed off if someone suggests the St. Louis City Museum! This particular museum is made to be super fun for adults: It has a 10-story slide, a ferris wheel, a school bus on the roof, and you can drink beer there.

Photo Credit: Twisted Sifter

This place is like the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of industrial materials. It looks like an insanely amazing, probably-fun-but-also-creepy, kind of terrifying playground…

Photo Credit: Mental Floss

It’s also the source of several lawsuits from people who fractured their skull… or lost some fingers

Photo Credit: Cape Central High

Some people tell stories about being trapped, terrified, or injured in the caves:

Photo Credit: Flickr

Or the treehouse:

Photo Credit: City Museum

And still wanting to go back.

You can also allegedly open and close the front door of this bus yourself, which I really don’t understand…

Photo Credit: Tumblr

I’m also not sure I understand why they’re selling beer to people who are expected to climb through this…

Photo Credit: Flyover Adventures

But I say to hell with all the dangerous risks – I want in!

Photo Credit: Danwin Files