Earlier this week, whoever runs Wendy’s Twitter account totally eviscerated a guy trying claim they lie about their burgers being “always fresh never frozen.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Since then, Wendy’s has decided they give zero shits about what they’re supposed to say online, tossing the age-old service adage “the customer is always right” straight out the window.

Much to our delight, naturally.

#10. We can only hope that McDonald’s decides to get involved at some point.

#9. Maybe cartoon marketing images are his thing?

#8. Classic.

#7. Not going to lie, that’s a pretty sick burn.

#6. This entire thread is priceless.

#5. *swoon*

#4. They’ll even help you with the ladies!

#3. I’m kinda surprised Wendy’s didn’t tell them to end it immediately, tbh.

#2. You can’t trick Wendy’s Twitter. Come on.

#1. Social media rule #1: Be quick on your feet.

h/t: Distractify