What Big Companies Are Overrated? Here’s What People Said.

I don’t necessarily feel this way about any companies, but a lot of folks out there have really strong feelings about big companies.

I’m talking about companies like Nike, Chevy, Amazon, and other bigwigs.

And a lot of people think that big companies are pretty overrated.

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.


“AT&T for sure.

My grandpa passed and we had his service shut off. My dad got a bill 5 months later saying we haven’t been paying. My dad called them and he was on the phone for like 4 hours going back and forth with them saying they never received confirmation of cancelation and that my grandpa has to go down to a store and cancel in person.

He kept saying, “(name) is deceased, we went to a store local to his home when he passed in November and canceled,” and the rep kept saying, “I understand, but we have no record of that, so we need the account owner which is (name) to cancel in person instead.”

This went on for so long that when she transferred him to another department for the billionth time that department had closed for the day and it hung up on him.”

I had no idea.

“Autism Speaks.

They’re actually a h**e group that vilifies autism and does not seek representation from actual people on the spectrum. They’ve also supported ABA therapy, which causes serious psychological damage to kids.

When parents have bumper stickers related to autism, it often has Autism Speaks’ logo or some puzzle pieces on it. This is a red flag that they don’t look into the company too closely and are not parenting their kids on the spectrum well.

Usually they don’t even know and they get upset when I point it out, which is ironic since I’m autistic myself.”



Their “let’s be compatible with nothing outside company” policy backfires regularly.

They are like Chinese citizenship – you run into trouble if you want to cooperate too closely with outsiders.”

Shop local.

“Big name jewelry stores like Zales, Kay, and Jared.

You can usually find better deals at local family owned jewelry stores or just better stuff online in general.”

What happened?


The toughest, most long-lived personal notebooks you could buy a decade ago.

Now just as un-fixable integrated piles of junk as all other companies.”



Their investments into residential real estate is a huge contributor to regular people getting priced out of home ownership, allowing corporations to scoop up all the residential housing to turn us all into forever renters.”

Not sustainable.


Two-day shipping is great but WOW their use of cardboard, plastic, and fossil fuels make me sick.

And most of their merchandise is just crap from Chinese companies that definitely profit from cheap labor. It’s just not sustainable.”

Causing chaos.

“Target and Walmart.

They really are the same company, in that they have completely upended city planning, they’ve caused the closure of multiple locally owned businesses, and their undercutting prices have actually put onuses on manufacturers to cut quality, cut sizing, or even ship jobs away.

Walmart and Target may be competition but again they’re really one in the same. The short term benefits lower prices initially bring do not outweigh the long term damage they bring to the communities.”


“Goodwill. The name is misleading.

They have used laws in the past to underpay disabled workers, they over charge on items they get for free and now they put anything of value on their auction site with speculation that they use bots to jack up the price.

The people shopping at goodwill on a low budget don’t have access to higher end items that were donated for that purpose.

They literally get items for free from people thinking they are helping their community.”

All about the logo.

“Lululemon, because they’re literally the same quality of leggings and shorts you can get at Walmart.

You’re literally just paying for the logo on the back of the clothing.”


“BMW and luxury cars in general.

Over-priced when you buy the car and same when you have to repair it.

You CAN get a nice driving experience but I can get the same from vehicles that cost half as much honestly.”

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