What’s the Worst Thing a Doctor Ever Said to You? People Shared Their Stories.

Just like every other profession, there are good doctors and bad doctors.

And I think most of us have had our fair share of both over the years.

But today we’re going to focus on the BAD.

Check out these stories from folks on AskReddit about the worst things that doctors ever said to them.



“It was to my husband, I was in the room. “I’m not going to figure out what it is. If it was serious, you’d be d**d by now.”

Later, we found out that this doctor was the one that my husband’s uncle was seeing before he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

By the time another doctor found it, it was too late. He said there was no way it should have been missed.”

Out of the blue.

“At 30 I was rushed into hospital out of the blue with a Heart Infection, and needing a valve replacing.

The Doctor was absolutely brilliant but she told me off the record that “You may want to get any close family to come and visit, and sort out any important paperwork as its not guaranteed that you’ll wake up again”.

I obviously pulled through, but her honesty was reassuring and even after ten years we still send the odd hand written letter to each other.”


“‘You’re too young for that sort of pain so I don’t think you really have pain, do you?’

I went to another doctor and they said, ‘It’s growing pains’.

I was 23. By the time I was 28 my liver was so damaged it almost d**d from an autoimmune disease…”

Brushed it off.

“I would constantly complain to my doctor that I couldn’t breathe when I would walk and I would get shortness of breath, I was always tired and fatigue, I would get dizzy if I walked too long.

She always brushed it off and told me to get more sleep or drink more water even though I was getting plenty of both.

Finally I made an appointment to talk to her face to face and she flat out just told me I was lazy and needed to exercise more. I was so embarrassed because I went with my husband and she made me feel like I was just this lazy couch potato.

I switched doctors and my new doc decided to do blood work, which is something that other lady should have done in the first place, and found out I was severely anemic to the point of needing blood transfusions.

I felt soooo much better after I got my infusions. Some people just shouldn’t be practicing medicine!”


“I was 18-19 and my first gyno appt I told her how something hurt when I had s** and I wanted to start birth control and she told me that I was too young to have s** so she wasn’t going to help with that.”

All good, but…

“Your scan is all good. Except that bit, thats cancer.

Was the first time between GP visit, first referral visit and pre-scan that anyone mentioned this might be a possibility.”

A bad day.

“3 years ago I went for an eye test, the optician gave me a note and told me to go directly to an eye hospital.

I gave the note to reception at the eye hospital, the lady said, “oh, right, come this way”. I was taken right through the waiting room and put in a CT scanner within 20 minutes of arrival.

Shortly after, a Dr came and said that “their is something in the middle of your brain” and that an ambulance is going to take me to a neurosurgery specialist hospital.

A few hours later I was having a drain put into my skull to get rid of built up spinal fluid pooling behind my eyes.

An MRI scan revealed a golf ball sized cyst in the middle of my head that was causing problems.

That was a pretty bad day.”


“Welp, looks like you’re probably going to go blind!”

While I have visions of myself walking about tapping a white cane in front of me, he blithely adds, “But don’t worry about it. Corneal transplants are 99% effective, you’ll be fine.”

I did have transplants later when eyesight got bad enough to warrant it. They worked a miracle, but man, lead with the “you’ll be fine” next time.”


“When I was 19, my primary care doctor (male) told me he could do a pap smear for me at my physical.

When I told him I already had a gynecologist he said “I can do it professionally or personally.”

Needless to say, I never saw him again and reported him.”


“After my knee surgery, my Dr told me that I would still be able to practice my martial arts when I recovered.

But I had never done martial arts before. He probably told me that because I’m Asian.”

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