Which Canceled TV Series Would You Like to Bring Back? Here’s What People Said.

Isn’t it a bummer when you really love a TV show and it only lasts for one season or so and then gets the axe from the network?

You bet it is!

One that comes to mind for me is Freaks and Geeks.

What a great show! But I guess not enough people watched it when it was actually on the air…

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about the TV shows they’d like to see return.

1. Remember this one?

“There was this show called Awake.

Started Jason Isaacs and had Dylan Minette in it too. Guy gets in a car accident, and then can’t determine which reality is his real one. In one, his wife died in the car accident and his son lived, in the other the opposite.

When he goes to bed with his wife, he wakes up in the reality where she d**d and his son lived. It was a mind f**k and I loved it.”

2. Ironic.


A bit ironic that it was cancelled after the first season.

Great actors, great characters….”

3. Scrapped.

“Amazon’s version of The Tick.

It was canceled for a stupid reason.

The new TV exec took over and wanted to scrap all the shows from previous TV exec.”

4. So much promise.

“I would bring back I Am Not Okay With This.

That first season held so much promise and I would’ve loved to see how dark they could’ve made the story go.

But I suppose a good show getting cancelled is Netflix’s MO at the moment.”

5. A cool show.


It is weird to think that part of why Rome was cancelled was because it was so expensive at $9 million per episode, and today Rings of Power is reportedly $60 million per.”

6. That’s a bummer.


Their plans for Season Three sounded incredible as well…”

7. A true original.


My favorite thing about that show is it wasn’t derivative. They didn’t spend 22 episodes teasing an attraction between the two leads, it might be the reason it wasn’t popular enough to continue.

I also really like that they had an attractive female lead that they didn’t s**ualize: they never had an episode where she inexplicably had to go under cover as a stripper or something.

Great show.”

8. One of my favorites!

“Freaks and Geeks.

But at least it had a decent ending.

I found Daniel playing D&D with the geeks and having a sincerely good time to be oddly heartwarming.”

9. Cliffhanger.

“Final Space

One of the first casualties of the Discovery merger.

Ended on one bummer of a cliffhanger.”

10. Classic.

“Star Trek: Enterprise was just getting good when it was cancelled. And they gave it a spiteful, horrible closing episode.

Honorable mention to the Original Star Trek series, which only had 3 seasons and still changed our culture forever.

Imagine if it got 7.”

11. Annoyed.

“Santa Clarita Diet.

The cliffhanger really annoyed me when I found out it was canceled.”

12. Did you watch it?


It would be insanely popular if it was released today but basically no one knows about it.”

What canceled TV show do you want to see make a comeback?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!