Why Does Amazon Pack Small Items in Large Boxes? The Internet Discusses Their Theories.

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Daniel Eledut

Amazon has (and continues) to make a mark on the world. A multi-billion dollar retail giant that’s skillful in implementing systems, controls, and algorithms for consumer goods has made them an undeniable leader.

So with all the mental and technological intelligence behind the company, why the heck do we still receive large box deliveries for small items? Like, shouldn’t that pack of colored markers be put into a 8″ X 5″ box? Seems like a ton of waste when it shows up in a box made to hold DVR.

This Twitter user has a theory:

Yeah, he’s got a point. By using the ol’ Tetris method, there are fewer trucks on the road by packing them full. It makes sense.

But I’m not convinced. Let’s say there’s room for two small packages (shipping to the same DC, etc) and along the conveyor belt comes a big box that fits. Regardless of what’s in it, it would fit, right?

According toย  Technology Review, the boxes are packed by workers, in which the system aids the employee in selecting the right box.

“…workers pack products into boxes for shipping with help from Amazonโ€™s central computer systems. Items retrieved from storage shelves are automatically identified and sorted into batches destined for a single customer.

The computer knows the dimensions of each product and will automatically allocate the right box, and even the right amount of packing tape.

Further along, before products are sent to different trucks for dispatching, boxes are weighed to make sure no mistakes have been make in packing.”

Other users were quick to debunk Savine’s claim.

Because does the theory REALLy make sense?

No. It doesn’t.

But this next one completely destroys the Tetris game theory so completely that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this in the first place…

But this is all speculation. There’s no PROOF. So how about a comment from someone who actually has experience working at an Amazon facility?

So where does that leave us? Still getting large boxes for small items. And no clear answer.

Well, computers do it. Which isn’t much of an answer.

What’s your theory? Let us know in the comments!