The Crew of the Sara Jo


Photo Credit: Wikia

In 1979, five men on a small whaling boat set out from Hawaii. A storm hit and they never returned to shore. Not so odd, perhaps, and even though a search was performed of several neighboring islands, no remains were discovered.

At least, not until 1989, when their boat was found on the shores of one of the smallest of the Marshall Islands.

There was a shallow grave that contained the bones of one of the fishermen, but no other clues or signs of life. What was most odd is that oceanographers estimate that it would only have taken the boat about 3 months to drift onto the island, which means the boat, grave, or remaining crew should have been there when a government survey of the island took place in 1983.

But they weren’t. So where was the Sara Jo and her crew for the 4 years between the disappearance and survey of the land? What happened to them afterward?

We may never know.


The Missing Lighthouse Keepers

 Message to Eagle

Photo Credit: Message to Eagle

On a remote island off the coast of Scotland, 3 lighthouse keepers lived and worked in a peaceful environment. On December 26, 1900, a supply ship arrived and found the island eerily deserted. From a diary found inside the abandoned lighthouse, they began to piece together a strange and still unsolved mystery.

Two of the three waterproof coats were missing. Dinner was left, half-eaten, on the table. The log described a great and terrible storm, one that had terrified one of the keepers into muteness and reduced another to inconsolable tears. They sat together while the storm raged.

The thought is that the three of them were swept out to sea during the storm, never to be seen or heard from again.

But why wouldn’t they have been safe in the lighthouse? Why would a storm, even a bad one, reduce such seasoned mariners to tears? Why would one of them have left the lighthouse without a coat in December, and why would all 3 have left their post together?

To add to the mystery, their final journal log reports “The storm has passed, the skies are calm, God is over all.”

And then there’s the fact that the powerful storm described in the log never happened.

There were no storms reported in the area. In fact the skies were calm all day.

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