10 Television Moments People Say Changed Them Forever

Back in the old days, television was always looked upon as the “lesser” visual medium. Films were big, they had the money, they had all the best talent, and so it made sense that they were considered to be the end-all, be-all of big, life-changing moments.

Things have started to change with the advent of streaming services, and of more players getting into the game. Television networks and other development companies have more money to throw around, and more and more talent is gravitating toward the ability to tell a story a bit more in depth.

One might even argue that television has eclipsed film when it comes to riveting storytelling, but personally I think they both still have their place.

These 10 people are responding to a tweet asking for the moment when you realized television was really capable of anything, though, and they’re making very strong cases.

Fair warning, there are spoilers ahead!

10. Maybe this one is a joke.

Then again, maybe not.

9. From I May Destroy You

This one has been on my list for awhile.

8. I suspect they’re not the only one.

Twin Peaks is iconic.

7. Oh, Lost.

There was so much to love, and so much that made us want to throw things at the television.

6. So many shows have E.R.’s groundbreaking work to thank.

I don’t even remember this episode, but there were so many good ones.

5. You’d have to watch this 3 or 4 times to really soak it all in.

Ask me how I know.

4. It’s a classic for a reason.

The good shows never die.

3. Orphan Black went where no show had gone before.

And then it did it again, and again. And again.

2. The Leftovers has been on my list for awhile, too.

Lindelof. I just can’t get enough.

1. It’s from Andy Kaufman’s Funhouse TV Special.

You should go and watch it, if you haven’t.

The ones of these I haven’t seen, I definitely want to now!

What was your moment like this? Share it with us in the comments!