10 Women Share the Most Inaccurate Body “Facts” They’ve Heard from a Man

Image Credit: Twitter

When it comes to one’s body, the person who lives in it knows it best. That said, there are some basic anatomy facts that you might think would be common knowledge across the board, whether you’re a man, woman, or gender fluid. Every adult should know certain, basic information, right?

You would be wrong, my friends.

Just read on, and let these 10 women prove it to you.

10. What’s so special about the middle of the month?

9. There were some days I wouldn’t have minded.

8. You keep using that word…

7. Marmalade milk.

6. If we could hold it, we definitely would.

5. These are questions adults shouldn’t have to answer for other adults.

4. That’s not how this works.

3. Sex ed for both (all) genders, please.

2. If not, he’s wasted a few condoms in his day.

1. The Bible says!

I’m appalled, but, honestly, just not that shocked.

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