12 Hilarious ‘Rona Signs That Reflect These Trying Times

Since we’re all adults here, I hope we’ve all realized that pretending there’s no monster under the bed doesn’t make it go away. Better to get your flashlight and confront it head on, right?

And I don’t know about you, but humor is one of my favorite ways to make light of a dark situation – which is exactly what these 12 shop owners are doing with their signs.

12. I feel like he’s channeling Michael Scott.

Which is probably not always the best thing.

Image Credit: Imgur

11. We will, we will BLOCK YOU.

Freddie Mercury makes everything better.

10. “The nice sign wasn’t working.”

If only it had, right?

The sign at the pizza place I go to
byu/matt_CHRIST3NS3N infunny

9. That might deter most customers.

But not everyone.

That sign can back fire on the owner
byu/Nicksharma93 infunny

8. So maybe think twice about going in at all.

There’s no way to win.


7. Straight telling it like it is.

You’ve gotta appreciate that.

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6. We all know a Karen.

I hope for your sake you don’t know more than one.

This sign outside a restaurant
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5. It starts out so nice.

This is one time I don’t mind passive aggressiveness.

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4. All I can think is p*nis nose when I see these people.

At least, that’s the nicest thing I think.

3. So extremely clever.

Mad props!

2. Life is full of difficult choices.

Suck it up, buttercup.

All or Nothing! A sign from a local business
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1. Because you’ll never wash your hands better than you do in that moment.

Every contact-wearer in the world knows it’s true.

A sign at the local bar.
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I applaud each and every one of these folks! Because they’re just trying to make us safer… and happier.

Laughter is the best medicine, right? Hrmmm…

Which of these would make you want to patronize a place the most? Tell us in the comments!