12 People Admit the Darkest Things They’ve Done That They Don’t Regret

Have you ever done something kind of dark and kind of terrible…that you didn’t regret?

Well, if you have, I’m happy to report to you that you’re not alone!

Because folks on AskReddit have been there and done that, too!

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Zero regrets.

“I had an older cousin that repeatedly m**ested me. About 20 years went by before I confronted him demanding an apology.

Didn’t apologize, threatened to sue me, and moved out of the state. Called his bluff, and kept hounding him. When his wife found out, she divorced him. He developed a substance a**se problem, and eventually committed s**cide.

Would 100% do it all over again, and have zero regrets.”

2. Time to leave.

“Left my ex, knowing he would be homeless when I kicked him out.

Grabbed up all of his things and dumped them at the store he was working at with his friends.

Told him I never wanted to see him again, and left (and blocked him on all forms of social media) and I haven’t seen him since.”

3. Dark times.

“Being an addict. It was the darkest time of my 30 years on this earth.

I don’t regret it in the sense that I was happy as an addict, but it made me the strongest, most resilient person I know. 6 years sober and counting!”

4. Had it coming.

“I had a horrible b**ly in high school.

She would spread the most insane and disgusting rumours about me. That I was pregnant, had STDs, that I regularly s**t in my cat’s litter box because I didn’t feel like going to the bathroom, weird, gross, s**-related stuff.

I was hanging out with guys who were friends with her boyfriend and he was there. I don’t know what happened between them but they were fighting and she was out of town. I f**ked him out of spite and Even though I wouldn’t do the same thing today, I don’t regret it. She had it coming.”

5. Turned him in.

“Told my ex’s probation officer about his fiancé.

It was part of his licence conditions to inform them of a new relationship after he spent nearly 10 years inside for what he did to me. He didn’t tell them, even after 2 years together.

Would do it again in a heartbeat.”

6. Creep.

“My stepdad is a creep. Told my mother about it and some stuff he did. She said that I was lying and that I am mentally ill.

So I cut them both out even if that is super taboo to do in my family. Hurts so much to have s**tty parents. But you really are better off without the a**se”

7. Terrible.

“I took my daughter off life support, allowing her to d**.

The alternative would have been our poor baby girl “living” until her first birthday until they could remove half of her brain. She had already been over medicated with strong anti seizure meds, against our wishes and judgment, with all of her perfect function from birth stripped from her because of it.

They threatened to get an emergency order for CPS to take custody and I had to fight through a four hour plus ethics board in order to be granted the right to transition to palliative care. She hung on for 12 hours without a ventilator, but never regained consciousness.

There are a lot of things about her life I wish I could do over, just to experience better. But fighting for her peaceful d**th? That was the best gift I could have ever given to her and was my duty as her mother.”

8. Cut out.

“I had to cut out a HUGE chunk of my family when I had my daughter. They have all decided to choose my little cousin over the rest of us.

He’s been in prison for 6 years for getting d**nk and r**ing a woman and breaking her jaw. We all believed he was innocent because the woman in question was notorious for giving kids meth then calling the police saying she was a victim in some way. However when he was released last year on parole he stole all of my grandmother’s jewelry (family heirlooms we will never see again) stole my grandfather’s brand new truck and had his friends help him cut his ankle monitor behind my house.

(I live in the woods outside of town) They then took the truck for a joy ride and destroyed it. He had his friends beat him up so that when he got caught he said he was jumped by some people he owed money to.

I h**e him because when he cut his ankle monitor behind my house they thought I was involved in some way and I could have lost my kids. My grandparents seem to think he’s innocent though. There’s so much more to this, but that’s most of it.”

9. Wow.

“I used to work with an openly r**ist guy in the army. He would regularly make r**ist jokes and statements like telling one of our black soldiers that the “Colored Bathrooms were over there.”

I reported him to EO like I was supposed to, but because he was friends with the EO rep nothing happened.

So I went on 4chan and posted his name and social security number on a “If you h**e them Post their info” threads.

He got his identity stolen.

No regrets.”

10. I would be p**sed.

“Serving rude people decaf coffee when they asked for regular.

I have no regrets.”

11. Mom.

“I called the police on my mom and had her submitted to a mental hospital and left her there.

She needed to know after everything my love WAS conditional and she needed to get her s**t together.

She didn’t, and I’m sure she hasn’t forgiven me since.”

12. Do it again.

“During my sophomore year at college my dorm mate was an exchange student from England.

She was a total selfish b**ch and never helped to clean the dorm or get any supplies for it such as toilet paper. She never picked up her stuff either despite me asking several times. She also b**ched at me once for the one time I forgot to put away my dirty laundry that was on my side of the room and no where near her.

Said I was making her live in “unsanitary conditions”. Anyway I was studying for a test one day and she came home hungover. She started watching something on her laptop and I asked her to put headphones in as I was trying to study. She told me no and that she has to deal with me waking her up in the morning when I get ready for class.

Mind you it’s a 10ft box of a dorm room so although I try to be quiet as possible, yes she sometimes woke up. But that’s dorm room life. I decided I had had enough of her and before I left the room to go study somewhere else, I hid all the toilet paper since I always had to buy it and left none for her. I later came back and she had uprooted a half of my large rug that was on her side of the room and folded it onto my side.

She said she would allow me to put the rug back if I apologized for being a s**tty roommate. I laughed and said that wasn’t going to happen. I figured out a way to fix the rug. You should have seen her face when I fixed it cause that was her only card to play against me. She started saying I was a psychopath and I reminded her of the k**lers that she was studying about for her criminology degree. Also pointed out how I never go to the gym.

Not sure how that was relevant. When she was out of the room I started eating her food and sucking up any of her stuff that was small and on the floor with the vacuum when I cleaned. She confronted me about it and I lied and said I didn’t know what she was talking about.

She moved out by the end of the week. To think that this all started because I hid the toilet paper. I would have done it a hell of a lot sooner if I knew that would be the outcome. I don’t regret anything and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

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