12 People Shared What They Think People Need to Start Taking Responsibility for Instead of Blaming Society

This is a big question in today’s world and one that should not be taken lightly…

What do people need to take responsibility for and stop blaming on society?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. True.

“The way they interact with others.

If you’re constantly angry, ranting or aggressively political then people are eventually going to feel drained around you.”

2. Seriously.

“Better critical thinking skills and not believing everything you see and hear in the news.”

3. Muzzle that thing.

“Their dogs.

I was at the dog park the other day and this old shitty dog came up and tried to attack my dog. My dog was sitting near me chilling. This dog just out of nowhere tries to bite mine.

The guy looked surprised I said anything.

Don’t take your sh**ty dog to the park if you cannot handle it. Same with dogs going out in public. If your dog is badly behaved, it needs training. If it bites, muzzle it.”

4. Sounds like it’s your fault…

“Being single sucks, but I have heard way too many people blame the general population for their dating troubles while being guilty of:

Never going out of the house, never talking to new people (even online), and not using any dating apps

Not making any effort at conversation when they do meet people (i.e. asking no questions and giving short, blunt replies to anything the other person says)

I’m not saying that either of these things are a guarantee for a relationship. But you’re definitely making it a lot harder for it to happen if you do them.”

5. Look in the mirror.

“TRAFFIC. So many people who complain about needless traffic are also the ones who practice the most selfish driving habits that CAUSE the traffic.

Bobbing and weaving to progress mere car lengths in bumper to bumper, ultimately not actually getting you there faster just creating more stop and go that goes down the line.

Driving down exit lanes only to swap at the last second. Going slow in the passing lane, encouraging others to pass on the right which throws a huge wrench in how the lane system works.”

6. This right here.

“Their kids.

I feel it is VERY rare to see people willing to do the work of being a parent. Being a parent does NOT mean you’re a “buddy.” It means sticking to certain rules one million times in a row in spite of temper tantrums or fussiness or “I hate yous” or screaming.

It means having the strength to model and enforce good table manners night after night after night after night for something like 18 years and then some. It means being involved with your kids, and talking with them and showing them how to be decent citizens. It absolutely does not mean slagging them off to iPads and caving to their every demand just because it’s easier to keep ’em quiet so you can relax.

Unfortunately, in today’s sociopolitical climate, I think parents are so busy and tired every evening that they often don’t have the strength to teach their children.”

7. Yup.

“Here’s one: As soon as someone identifies a problem like obesity or financial illiteracy, the instant response is “we ought to require the schools to address that.”

People seem to think schools have unlimited hours to make kids good at every skill under the sun, in addition to teaching the core subjects and electives.

Sorry, there are things you can do on your own. A 15-year-old with a library card (or internet access) can learn how to repair a bike, start lifting weights, budget his money, or train his dog to do tricks. It’s all there.

Teachers are already struggling to help kids catch up from the pandemic and to meet an ever-growing list of requirements from state lawmakers, many of which are politically motivated and pointless.”

8. Don’t do it.

“There’s actually very little about your life you can really control.

But not reading a text while driving? That you can.”

9. Do it yourself.

“It’s not that hard to learn how to pay taxes, fix things around the house, or cook, even if you didn’t learn it in high school.”

10. Own it.

“Their own failures and shortcomings.

At some point, you are responsible for your own choices and their respective outcomes, even (especially sometimes) the negative ones.

There seems to be this trend that good thing are to be claimed as one’s own doing, but anything bad is definitely the fault of some other entity, whether it be fate, bad luck, society, s**tty relationships, etc.”

11. Accountability.


Yes, I know I know it’s a disease but as an addict myself I’ve learned to take accountability for my actions and stop blaming others.

Yes, many have s**t lives, but there comes a time where you’ve got to stop blaming and fix yourself. It’s not anyones else’s fault OR job to secure your happiness.”

12. All of it.

“Their life in general.

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you start taking responsibility for most everything that happens to you and quit trying to blame others or play the victim, your QoL and happiness will improve greatly.”

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