12 People Describe the Worst Job They Ever Had

Photo Credit: Pixabay

7. Casino

Dealer in a casino:

You learn a lot about different games and get to “play cards” all shift. You also make some pretty good coin with tips and what not.


You get to meet some of the worst people on the planet. When people start losing money at your table…several hundred to several thousand at a time…suddenly that fun atmosphere becomes soul-suckingly tense…to the point of “You better hope you’re not walking alone when you’re off tonight”. But…you get to call your pit boss over and say “This patron just threatened me” – boom, booted out of the casino, banned for 6 months to a year and possibility of criminal charges. Sometimes…I got a nice justice boner working there.

I wouldn’t recommend working at a casino as a dealer, its definitely not for everyone. However, if you’re a student and want to make some good money…its a good job…but it comes with a price. I’m sure some other dealers will agree.

If you ever wanted to work wonders for your confidence and have the ability to become a stone when it comes to people being absolute jerks to you – I suggest it. I think back to what skills I’ve gained from my time dealing – I’ve learned to be grateful and when I have a bad day I remind myself that I’m not dealing anymore.

8. Not Fun

Cutting fancy glass for use in mosaics.

A glass cutter is basically a pen, with a small metal wheel on one end, and a metal ball on the other.

Fancy glass is thick, heavy expensive and sharp. The weight, thickness and texture changes drastically. One may be a 3 centimeter smooth green glass sheet, the next may be a textured 5 centimeter piece of orange.

There is NO training.

Glass dust is a thing.

My finger tips were swollen with tiny, shards of glass and I broke much more glass than I was worth.

It was a short gig.

9. Repetition

I actually didn’t take the job, but it would have been the worst by far. I applied for a position in an industrial bakery as a “Sanitation Technician.” As advertised, the job would entail disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling equipment, but when I showed up for my “interview” (really an informal orientation) the nice lady told me I would actually be standing at one end of a conveyor belt and given one simple task: To pick up trays of bread coming off the conveyor belt, rotate them 90 degrees, and place them on a different conveyor belt, for the entire duration of my 12-hour overnight shift.

It would’ve nearly doubled my pay, but I just could not do it. I put my little hat back on and went back to rolling burritos. Even in the darkest, most horrible open-to-close days of my time at the burrito restaurant, I would console myself with the thought of that job and how much worse things could be.

10. Slaughterhouse

I worked at a slaughterhouse for a little while. They killed steers there but got pork shipped in. The hams came in a gigantic cardboard vat, probably 5′ wide and 4′ deep.

They were heavily waxed on the inside to make them waterproof and had steel banding running around the outside kind of like an old keg or barrel. Once we fished out most of the hams and trimmed them there was always a couple feet of blood at the bottom. As the new guy it was my job to dangle over the edge with a meat hook in one hand fishing for the remaining hams and scraps. Usually it was about an hour in shoulder deep blood with your face next to the surface.

11. Yes, Sensei!

I was a Martial Arts instructor in high school (I trained starting as very young so I had my black belt at 13).

I’m a female and the disrespect men in martial arts have for women is nothing compared to the stuff other women give you.

Working with the kids was great but coworkers were crap.

12. Blister-Sap

Picking Mangoes in Australia, many people are unaware that if you snap off the stalk on a Mango, poisonous sap flies out which makes you blister quite dramatically. Also the best job because of the beautiful scenery.