12 People Who Were Falsely Accused of Cheating Discuss the “Proof” Their Partners Offered

Have you ever been falsely accused of cheating by someone you were in a relationship with?

I have and it was really a bummer…and it was totally hurtful.

And so have these people who shared their stories on AskReddit.

Let’s take a look.

1. Throw him out.

“He installed a key logger on my laptop and found a chat of me politely turning down a guy I’d met (as part of a mutual friend group) a few weeks previous.

When I pointed out that he’d found explicit proof that I had in fact not cheated, he went off on a tirade about how I’m never around anymore and never paid attention to him anymore and that was as bad as cheating.

My father had d**d four months before. I wasn’t around much because between work and school, I had to go back to my home state to clear out his house and deal with the estate. And, you know, spend some time with my remaining family.

I threw the whole man out.”

2. Whoops.

“Years ago, I had a friend get ahold of my phone. He changed his own name in my contacts to “Dirty S**t”.

A few days later my phone is sitting next to me on the couch, my girlfriend sees a text pop up that says “Dirty S**t says: Hey, you free this weekend?”

T’was a fun conversation.:

3. Don’t ask me.

“I was deep into a online game and my wife came to me with a bra that definitely wasn’t hers.

She stood by the door and loudly said “whoose are these?”. I took what she said as a innocent question, rather than an investigation. I quickly looked over and said “f**k if I know” and went back to my game.

She quickly realized that if I had cheated, and she found proof, I would have had a deer in headlights look for a second.

It was her sister’s bra that somehow go into our laundry.

We laugh about it to this day.”

4. Weak.

“Her “proof” was that I was friends with a woman in the same area on Facebook.

I did volunteer work at the local hospital, I was friends with a lot of the hospital staff on Facebook.

Her accusation came very shortly after my brother caught her on a date with another guy.”

5. Uh oh.

“A pair of my wife’s panties fell out from the leg hole of my pants while I was driving to work. I grab them and shove them in the driver side door pocket and promptly forget about them.

Several weeks later we are cleaning out our cars together and she finds them and is like WTF. She doesn’t recognize them as her own. Finally remembers after I scroll through several thousand of my pictures to find a pic of her actually wearing them.”

6. Slow down a minute…

“She found a necklace in my bed and I didn’t know how it got there.

Turned out to be her necklace that she had lost and didnt recognize in the dark.”

7. I don’t think so.

“Apparently the online support group for my father’s brain tumor was a “chat room” for casual hookups.”

8. Who are these people?!?!

“She saw the names of my female family members in my contacts.

She freaked out and angrily asked who my stepmother was, my stepsisters, my cousins, my auntie.

It lasted about two minutes. She started to realize she was being an idiot, and I realized I didn’t like her anymore.”

9. It turns out…

“She heard a woman in the room laughing through the phone when she called me to accuse me of being out with another woman.

Turns out there are other people in the world and when you’re out in public you just may encounter them.”

10. That’s ridiculous.

“She knew that if I drove exactly the speed limit and hit every light that it would take me 12 min to get home after work.

The one time I showed up in 14 min was all the proof she needed.”

11. All kinds of stuff.

“I had a woman’s phone saved in my contacts … it was my son’s paediatrician

A photo of me with two gorgeous girls …. yes I have two gorgeous sisters

A bra in my flat … yes, it was her own bra with she had “forgotten”. I think this was on purpose, she was fishing for a reaction to the accusation.

And so many more.”

12. Can you explain this?

“I have poor handwriting.

I was running a business and someone suggested I contact “Till” about some sales. I wrote “Till” down in my phonebook (it was long ago when people used personal phonebooks).

I come home months later to the question “Who’s Jill?” I don’t know anyone named Jill. I am stumped. After a few rounds of who? huh? why?, my girlfriend shows me the entry in my handwriting. It takes me a while to place the name. I explain that it isn’t Jill but Till, a man.

That was the end of it, but I never got over her looking through my personal phonebook for revealing entries.

In the end, we split 2 weeks before we were to get married. Till never did buy anything from me.”

Do you have any stories like this?

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