13 People Share the Things That Warm Their Hearts

Determined to hate the world and everybody in it today? Feeling down and out or hopeless?

Don’t worry, we have 13 pieces of wholesome content to warm your cold, broken heart. All you have to do is take a deep breath, and allow the love to flow in.

Whether it’s animals being animals, stories of humans coming together to support one another, or a silly dad joke, we all need a reminder that there are beautiful things in this world with living and fighting for. For example…

1. Little things can make a big difference:

Thought I’d start you out with a tear-jerker.

It’s the little things from MadeMeSmile

2. What a trickster:

I’ll bet she heaved a sign of relief when she saw that second message.

My neighbor almost had my mom worried for his safety from UnexpectedlyWholesome

3. Oh, Mother:

No, don’t worry about me. Let’s talk about your problems.

4. This is what dad’s are for:

This and scaring away potential partners.

My Dad is adorable and his bad jokes always make me happy. from MadeMeSmile

5. This dad gets a gold star:

You can show love through small acts of kindness, like this.

Told my step-dad I prefer the orange jelly beans, this morning I came in to him sorting them into a jar for me from MadeMeSmile

6. Babies and animals will never stop being cute:

I’m not crying you-…ok, I’m crying! It’s so cute!

I had a bad mental health day but this made me smile… from r/UnexpectedlyWholesome

7. Mission accomplished:

Consider it a graduation present.

8. Now he can destroy his own couch.

I should get one for my cat…

My Aunt made a couch for my cat; Pippin from mildlyinteresting

9. Here’s another tear-jerker:

The power of community.

Not sure if i want to smile or cry.. from MadeMeSmile

10. Can you even imagine?

Drat, now I’m crying again.

Serendipitous dinner from beyondwholesome

11. The Fashionable Duckling:

We have a duck in a hat folks, I repeat, a duck in a hat. This is not a drill

Little Sleepyhead from beyondwholesome

12. Ok nature, you win.

I can’t be mad about life anymore.

Cuties from beyondwholesome

13. Otterly adorable.

A herd of otters chasing the butterfly around from beyondwholesome

The otters got me, right in the feels. I can’t help but melt watching them chase around that butterfly. Cuteness overload!

I also love hearing stories about human beings coming to together, or reaching out to one another in beautiful moments of connection. It’s a great reminder that we don’t have to be so polarized and divided. When we remember we’re all connected by our shared humanity, suddenly all those dividing lines we drew feel so unnecessary.

Which item above warmed your heart? Let us know in the comments!