13 People Tell Their Stories About Making a Lot of Money by Sheer Randomness

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Some people just have all the luck, don’t they?

You can work your ass off your whole life and barely have two dimes to rub together, and then some schmuck makes a fortune totally randomly.

That’s life, huh?

You’re about to read about folks who made a lot of cash through totally random circumstances.

Let’s take a look at these stories from AskReddit users.

1. Bitcoin.

“Forgot I had 11.something bitcoins from back in the day leftover from buying “pizza”. Tried to set up a new account to invest in bitcoin since I’d used it before and saw I already had an account.

Logged in and WOW!! Sold it all and made like $7k.

Imagine the feeling knowing it would eventually reach $20k per coin.”

2. Business trip.

“I was on a business trip that passed through Lake Tahoe. Three people in one hotel room, so I went down to the casino to get some space. Couldn’t find a blackjack table to lose my $100 at, so I sat down at a Wheel of Fortune slot machine instead.

Ten minutes later, I’m absent-mindedly pressing the spin max bet and hit the progressive jackpot.

$1.1 million. Its the sort of thing you assume never happens, but it did. Took a lump payment of $690k, which after I pay taxes next week will end up being about $390k. I quickly got a financial advisor, bought my car, now own a couple investment properties, and bought my now-wife her ring! Everything else is quite literally the exact same, except I have an epic story to tell to strangers on reddit.”

3. A fat check.

“I got into a car accident on my way home from dropping my son off to his mom. I’m grateful that that’s when it happened, and not while he was in the car.

Dude in a company truck blew a stop sign and creamed the shit out of me, breaking my arm, and giving me a concussion. Well, a few months later, after I had almost entirely healed, I got a fat ass check for 70 grand.”

4. On a whim.

“I made a reaction GIF and posted it on Imgur/GFYCat, I got a message randomly months later asking if I had made it because they wanted to license it.

It ended up being used in a NIKE commercial & they paid me pretty handsomely for something I did on a whim.”

5. The funky bus.

“1999, Living in a school bus with 8 of my friends, traveling down the California coast.

The bus started to smell pretty funky so we stopped to collect eucalyptus nuts to make it smell better. Found a roll of cash under a tree.

Took it back to the bus, it was $3050.”

6. Stocks.

“Got lucky on my first career job which paid me peanuts 40k.

Company did exceptionally well. I was living at home at the time so I invested my earnings on the company stock.

My 12k turned into 230k in 1.5 years.”

7. Family money.


I’m sort of surprised there aren’t more inheritance stories in here. I got some money and land from my grandfather when I was 21. I invested it and I’ve never worried about money my entire adult life because I know I can pull that out in an emergency.”

8. Sugar daddy.

“I was working as a stripper for a while.

One night, I approached an older man, who looked like a regular joe. Turned out, he was actually very wealthy and he became my long-term sugar daddy. I stopped stripping shortly after meeting him.

He’s not J. Howard Marshall rich, but I’m living a very comfortable lifestyle and I don’t have to worry about working or paying bills.”

9. You just never know…

“I randomly emailed 3 YouTubers I watch, both at the time were all small. Paid me $20 a video this was for 2013 – 2017 and than Fortnite came out.

And now ever since about late 2017 I still edit for the three of them. They blew tf up big time. I got paid about $240K for 2018 and almost $300K for 2019 and I get paid monthly so you can do the math.

Their Organization pays me $25K monthly and I’m just a 21 year old living in Tokyo. It’s stupidly high just for editing cut comms. But I’m not complaining one bit.

I was a broke teen and this saved me and I was able to accomplish my goals and dreams of school and etc.”

10. Housing.

“I bought a really crap house that was due to be bulldozed down. The owner offered to knock it down for me with his bulldozer.

But I fixed up the rot and painted it up nice, and now it is valued at (over $2million) 15 times what I paid for it.”

11. One summer…

“I ended up making $50,000 in 3 months one summer when I was 23.

About 2 years ago I was working a job for my company, we were in a county with weird rules and I didnt fully understand why but instead of paying for my benefits, they just put the money on my paycheck.

Not only was I making insane hourly pay and 20+ overtime hours per week, but the benefits payout was a second paycheck.

We get paid weekly and when I saw my first weeks pay I honestly thought the company fucked up big time and over-payed me a few thousand dollars

I was also still covered by my dads insurance so it really was a win-win for me.

I just left that company for a huge pay raise, great benefits, phone bill paid for, and I’ll finally have a company vehicle with gas card. Exciting times!”

12. Good fortune.

“I moved to a new town because my fiance lived there. Got a job off of Craigslist and accepted the first thing I found. Company was a small but up and coming startup.

Cut to now it’s on the S&P 500 and I have a house and 4.25 million in investments.”

13. Nice job, Mom!

“My mom bought some paintings at a yard sale for no reason. Maybe spent $50 for the three artworks.

She listed them on ebay and sold them for around $3500 each, plus international shipping.

Turns out, they were painted by a world renown Japanese painter who has a museum in Japan. My mom packaged them and shipped them there where they are on display. If theres enough interest, I’ll ask my mom for more details and the name of the artist and such.”

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