13 People Who Might Not Be Married Anymore The Next Time We Check In

Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship can tell you that it’s not easy at all. Life comes at you, people change, and through it all, you’ve got to decide to keep going forward with the same dang person.

Of course, that person can choose to make it easier or harder, and for these 13 people…I don’t know. For today, the jury just might be out.

13. Why would you think I would want that?

Like, how many Starbucks would that have bought me?

12. Petition granted.

We don’t even need to hear anymore about it.

11. That must be some seriously good oatmeal.

At least he’d better hope it’s some seriously good oatmeal.

10. We’re all so blessed.

That they can come up with so many ways to stay out of the house.

9. Well that’s just rude.

How dare, Sir.

8. There are a few arguments for polygamy.

If you’re a wife, anyway. I’m just saying.

7. This is obviously an emergency.

This is grounds for a brief separation at least.

6. In case you’re curious which parts interest HIM.

It’s a miracle we let them live, honestly.

5. On the subject of noise.

If we can hear you, it’s still too loud.

4. Sometimes you just can’t win.

Other times, it’s all coming up roses!

3. I never realized chewing quietly was a skill.

And one that not everyone actually has, I guess.

2. It’s nice that they’re worried.

That’s what we tell ourselves to keep from going crazy.

1. Who most often uses the spices?

Your wife? Then shut up and put them back the way that she likes.

Y’all, I feel these deep down in my soul today. But tomorrow will probably be better.

If you’re married, tell us what happened the last time you almost snapped!