13 Things That Have Lasted Longer Than the Confederacy

Image Credit: Twitter

Who doesn’t love a viral thread? No one!

That goes double for ones that are kicked off by a truly thoughtful – and hilarious – question, like asking people to name things that have lasted longer than the American Confederacy.

Here are 13 of our favorite replies.

13. This is somehow appropriately disgusting.

And sort of impressive because sometimes those things don’t last that long.

12. Who woulda thunk it?

Not I.

11. This image is upsetting.

Not as upsetting as the Confederacy, but close.

10. This is priceless.

God bless modern science.

9. A good leather jacket lasts forever.

Or as long as you’re cool.

8. Just a short list.

It could go on and on, I’m sure.

7. Wayne Brady could do this forever.

And I would be ok with that.

6. These are things we wish would have lasted forever.

Though I guess some jerks say that about the Confederacy.

5. Is he sure he was showering often enough?

Also…that’s a real gift? HA!

4. Appropriate because it also turned out to be a pointless disaster.

Don’t @ me.

3. I guess she doesn’t make snickerdoodles.

Or sugar cookies. How sad.

2. This tweet is comedy gold.

It deserves an Emmy.

1. That era could have lasted much, much longer.

If you ask me and my fellow Gen Xers.

I think it’s long past time we stopped romanticizing the states that seceded, don’t you?

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