15 Funny Cat Snapchats That Might Make You Smile


What should Snapchat really be used for?

Well, cat photos, of course!

Was there ever any doubt about that? I don’t think so.

Let’s take a peek at some of the best cat Snapchats out there.

1. Awwwww. Peepers.

2. Now you do.

3. Look into the darkness.

As I look into the abyss, the abyss looks into me. from aww

4. Pitching a tent.

Who could that be? from aww

5. Not a morning cat.

How you like that meow?!

6. Can’t get enough!

Faithful little desk buddy from aww

7. Dammit, Otis!

Poor baby!!

8. Wait a second…

This is my cat…. This is not my house. from cats

9. You need a decoy.

The decoy keyboard is working from aww

10. Now you know why.

My cat messed up a single part of my window shades.. never realized why until just now. from funny

11. That’s pretty cute.

I adopted Simba to hunt around the house. Instead, he became a friend with this mouse. from aww

12. Never seen this before…

I would explain if I could… from aww

13. A very unique kitty.

All 4 of my cats paws have unique black/pink combinations from mildlyinteresting

14. He is not happy.

This cat doesn’t even know you and it’s had enough of your shit.

15. Mastermind criminal cat.

Do you have any funny snaps of your kitty cats?

Show them to us in the comments!