15 Hilarious References To “Emotional Support Objects”

Whatever your opinion is on the matter (we know what the Americans with Disabilities Act says, but that’s a topic for another post), Emotional Support Animals are here to stay.

You know – the animals that kind of dress like service animals but aren’t actually legal or sometimes even certified and often behave like my three-year-old in public?

This thread isn’t about them though – it’s about what people would claim as their “emotional support object” if that was a thing.

And after these replies, I really hope we decide to make it one.

15. I know you’ve got a favorite.

Mine is Kant. I could tell you why but no one cares.

14. The illustrious court jester.

I doubt they were ever described like that, but even so.

13. Seems legit.

Why not embrace one’s personal demons, right?

12. I feel personally called out.

You never know when you might need them, though!

11. I do not understand why people do this.

Do they actually watch them? The world needs to know!

10. Don’t take it from me.

I’ll need it when I remember to take a drink in three hours.

9. Mayo is not a joking matter.

And I’m not even Dutch.

8. Doesn’t everyone have one?

There’s also a bookcase for books to read and a bunch of boxes in the basement.

7. They’re so hard to clean now.

Might as well just leave them there for ambiance.

6. We can’t live without it.

Everyone’s got the one they just can’t let go.

5. I hope it’s small.

Otherwise the TSA guys are about to have a really fun shift.

4. What if I forget one!?

What if Chrome forgets one???!!

3. See, I’ve got it buckled in?

So are we good here?

2. They’re so pretty!

There’s no way anything I put down inside will be worthy.

1. There is a difference.

One is coffee and the other is a friend.

Y’all, these are too perfect and have me contemplating what my answer would be to this question.

What’s yours? Let us know in the comments!