15 People Share Shameful All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Horror Stories

8. Bad Manners

Watched a woman come in, go right to the dessert section, and pick up 4 plates of pumpkin pie. Then, as soon as more plates of pie are set out, she gets up before shes even finished eating the four slices she’s already grabbed, cuts right in front of a kid about to grab a slice, and picks up 4 more plates.

I should mention she didn’t even finish them all. There were like 2 and 3/4 slices of pie on her table when she left.

9. “The hunt”

Not an employee, but I know someone. Let’s say she may or may not be my mom. Goes in the cupboard before the trip to the buffet and grabs a handful of the big freezer bags and shoves them in her massive purse. Flash forward, we’re leaving, in the parking lot, on the way out to the car, and the freaking strap on her purse broke from weight. It was closed, so nothing fell out, but jeez. It’s not like [this family] had to worry about where the next meal was coming from or something. It was more about the thrill of “the hunt”.

10. Prime rib, baby

All you can eat prime rib special. First round you got prime rib, veggies, mashed potatoes. Subsequent plates just prime rib. Guy did 8 plates.

Lady came in with two small kids. Said she wouldn’t pay for two kids because they wouldn’t be eating. We were curious where the kids went at one point and found she was feeding them under the table like dogs.

11. NO! Just NO!

Not an employee but:

I once saw a really fat dude at a Chinese Buffett smear ranch dressing from his wrist to elbow then as he ate he brushed the food along the dressing before putting into his mouth.

12. Buffet/Rooming House

Dude came in for lunch buffet and ate a pretty good amount. Fell asleep in his booth for a few hours then ate buffet again for dinner.

13. Golden Corral

I’m not an employee, nor do I frequent buffets, but my senior lunch in high school was a trip to Golden Corral. As soon as I walk in, I see a large, obese woman hunched over a table close to the buffet, eating fried chicken, placing the near bare bones onto her plate, and stroking her hair back with chicken grease caked fingers. She had a few plates stacked on top of each other with the remnants of chicken bones poking out between the plates.

14. Role model?

There was a guy we called six pan man. He would go to the pizza buffet slide an entire pizza on his plate, and sit down and eat it. Then get up and do it again until he ate 6 whole pizzas.

15. Ingenuity at its most disgusting

Not an employee but at a golden coral once I saw a family come in. Mom, dad, one kid and one baby. The mom got a high chair on wheels for the kid, and the left the kid in a car seat at the table. She pushed the high chair to the buffer and proceeded to stack plates on it like her own personal table on wheels.

She never put the kid in the high chair.