We all need to unwind sometimes. To take a break, push our work to the side, and just laugh.

If you don’t LOL once in a while, what’s the point? So, without further ado, look at these photos to give yourself a hearty, wholesome little treat. And then you can get back to work…

1. Not all heroes wear capes

Photo Credit: Reddit

Look at this kid. What an angel. Helping someone out in distress. We’ve all been in this position before. It’s a desperate situation. A race against the clock. Do you brave running out into the hall? Or do you pray that someone will walk by and you can scream for help?

I’m assuming this is either one of his siblings or his mom or dad, stuck in a precarious position on the throne without any toilet paper. Good on ya, kid. Karma is real, and you will be rewarded handsomely for your noble effort.

2. A big help

Photo Credit: Reddit

Hahaha. Why can’t searching for a place to live be (kind of) fun once in a while? And these photos can help us all out in a different way as well. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping in the shower, the hallway, or the kitchen.
As a matter of fact, go ahead and put that baby out on the fire escape. Why not, huh?

3. Overload

Photo Credit: Reddit

If we are ever contacted by extraterrestrial lifeforms, you know this is going to be the main topic of conversation. Because THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

I think I had about 430 of them when I opened my email this morning.

4. Ouch

Photo Credit: Reddit

Does hitting rock bottom mean you now eat your meals out of your loafers? Possibly. Listen, I’m gonna level with you. I’ve tried it and it’s not that terrible. I had a delicious fettuccine alfredo in my Converse All-Stars and I thought it paired brilliantly with my RC Cola. But that’s just me, I’m a risk taker.

5. There she is!

Photo Credit: Reddit

How long did it take you to notice that one?

6. Times have changed, my friend

Photo Credit: Imgur

Are we headed the wrong way as a species? Sure seems like it sometimes. Especially when you ponder this (no doubt from the Power Point presentation of a highly talented individual in a classroom or some kind of weird seminar.

It seems like everything we were told NOT to do is pretty much par for the course these days. Do I want to meet a stranger in a seedy motel (not hotel) room by the highway? Why not!?! They go by the name Jackhammer: bonus! Ugh. What is going on, people?

7. He will pay dearly

Photo Credit: Reddit

Is this guy in for a rough night or what? I wonder what he did to monumentally piss off the staff at this Thai restaurant…

This is one of those instances when I really wish we had a before and after photo, don’t you? Poor fella, let’s hope he made it out without too much damage.

8. Dad for the win

Photo Credit: Reddit

This is what solid humor is all about: funny, not too offensive, and wholesome. Get this guy a writing job (or maybe a spot in an improv group?).

9. Funny and infuriating

Photo Credit: Imgur

If this happens to you over the course of a really bad day, it has the potential to send you over the edge, am I right? Although it may seem insignificant, the old “kitchen drawer won’t open” bit has led to more broken dishes and glasses than anything else throughout history. This is a scientific fact. Look it up.

10. Looks legit

Photo Credit: Reddit

It’s the place you go for…doctor stuff. If you did have a medical emergency, would you rush on over to this joint? Seems a little sketchy to me. Like a bar that’s just called “Bar.” What kind of clientele do you think you’re gonna run into there? Probably won’t end well.

11. Might need a reshoot

Photo Credit: Reddit

Poor young lady. This photo is going to follow her around for the rest of her life. Whenever she wants to show off her cool passport stamps from exotic places, she’ll either have to, 1: grin and bear it and deal with the blowback from people seeing this monstrosity of a picture, or 2:, quickly flip past the first page and hope for the best. Godspeed.

12. Scandalous!

Photo Credit: Reddit

This is really something else. Almost too horribly unimaginable to even process. Do they think is some kind of game? SMHF (forever).

13. I like this guy

Photo Credit: Reddit

Next time you’re face-to-face with a really tall person, remember this. It’s a valuable life lesson. Especially the comment “is the weather nice up there?” It really needs to go. Can we all agree on that here and now? Thank you.

14. Currently every couple on TV

Photo Credit: Reddit

This one really speaks to me. I feel like every time I watch one of these shows, the people have part-time jobs (or no jobs, they’re “in between gigs”) and their budget exceeds what I will make in the next 30 years.

“We’re looking for a 6-bedroom, 5 bath that overlooks the Pacific and has gold-plated toilet paper rolls. Our budget is $4.8 million, but we could go to 7.5 if we find something we can’t pass up.”

15. Not feeling it

Photo Credit: Reddit

I feel you, kid. I hated picture day with a passion. My least favorite day of the year, and that included when they checked for lice.

At least one day he’ll have a laugh about it…maybe? Probably not.

16. Moneybags

Photo Credit: Imgur

They’re saving all that cash because they don’t have children, get it? GET IT? I have to admit, it is a pretty funny bumper sticker.

Let’s just go ahead and have a bumper sticker rant here, shall we? What are your least favorite? How do you feel about the people who put the marathon ones on their cars? I’ve been thinking about creating one that says “3 Blocks” to mock the good-looking, athletic types that can run a 10k without breaking a sweat. That’ll show ’em, right! Right?

Well, there goes that million dollar idea. On to the next bumper sticker idea, this one a new, radical take on the Volkswagen guy.

17. Mookie strikes again

Photo Credit: Imgur

Words of wisdom we can all learn from.

18. This will please Mom or Dad!

Photo Credit: Reddit

But seriously, what kind of sick person gives a gift like this? Not this guy, no way.

19. Zing!

Photo Credit: Reddit

This is what newspapers need more of these days. Also, I never new that a hood was called a “bonnet” in some places. The more you know…