3. Father Yod and the Source Family

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Father Yod‘s real name was James Edward Baker. He owned a successful health food restaurant in the Hollywood Hills and had 14 wives and 3 children. His followers became known as the Source Family. The Source Family also had a band and, of course, Father Yod was the lead singer.

In 1974, the Source Family relocated to Hawaii. It was there, in 1975, that Father Yod died following a hand gliding accident.

5. Chicago’s Ripper Crew

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One of the more terrifying groups on this list, the Ripper Crew was a group of men who terrorized Chicago and its suburbs in the early 1980s, all while pledging allegiance to Satan.

The men cruised Chicagoland in a van, abducting, raping, and murdering women. The group is suspected in the disappearances and murders of 18 women.

6. The Family, aka, The Great White Brotherhood

This group was formed in Australia in the 1960s by yoga teacher Anne Hamilton-Byrne. The goal of the cult was to build a perfect race. At one point the group consisted of 500 members.

Hamilton-Byrne’s followers led an isolated existence, cut off from the rest of the word. She would bleach her young followers’ hair and inject them with LSD.


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