16 People Share the Most Disturbing Things They Witnessed at School

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It’s a fact of life that kids do a lot of stupid things and a lot of mean things to themselves and to others.

It’s a confusing time for a lot of people and the pressures of fitting in, being cool, and doing well in school make the whole experience kind of like a pressure cooker just waiting to blow.

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the bad, bad old days.

Here are some sordid stories from AskReddit users

1. That’s awful.

“There was a girl I was friends with who had developed early and had pretty big boobs and considered thick for a 5th grader. Hanged with a group of 5 or 6 girls, most of the girls in this group were short, skinny, and the “pretty” ones of the class so she stuck out from that group.

During recess these 5 girls ganged up on her and pulled down, sometimes ripping her shirt exposing her chest and laugh cause they thought it was funny. She’d fight it and tell them to stop but they’d do it even more sometimes pinning her arms to the side so they could. She ended up hanging out with me more and finding different friends in middle school.”

2. Hope he was okay.

“Middle school, I was chilling in the band room and I look out to the hall to see a kid with some sort of liquid coming out of his eye.

Later I found out some kid stabbed his eye with a pencil.”

3. Ouch!

“A girl was coming back from a doctor’s appointment and wasn’t there to hear that we couldn’t get out equipment for recess. She opened the door, grabbed something and went to leave. The wind kicked up and slammed the door on her hand and she lost a finger.

They rushed her to the hospital and they sewed it back on and eventually it was back to normal but that was the most f**ked up thing I had seen.”

4. That’s classy.

“A couple f**king in the dumpster behind the cafeteria.

For the rest of the year, people would walk up behind the dude crinkling paper and asking if it was getting him hard.

Just to add a bit, four or five of my friends and I stumbled upon this event while we were coming back on campus and one of them went to throw his trash away.

It got around the school pretty damn fast. It’s probably a good thing that I’m old enough that the smart phone wasn’t a thing when I was in high school because there’s a good shot that one of the group would have been dumb and taken a picture that included a 17 year old having sex.”

5. Really scary.

“Having a guy who killed his wife then come to the school and held my class hostage to try to force the school to give him his son so he could kill him.

He was finally caught on his way to kill his parents.

LINK to article.”

6. Life is precious.

“I saw the PE teacher get a heart attack during class and die.

It was f**king scary.”

7. A brutal fight.

“Watched two girls get into a fight.

One girl had a bunch of ear piercings and was wearing so many hoops it looked like chainmail.

The other girl got her on the ground, grabbed those hoops and pulled…. HARD. I will never forget the scream.

The rings didn’t give, but her ear sure as hell did… Blood everywhere, the girl standing over her like a God damn psychopath holding a very recognizable ear in the air above her head.

It was f**king Mortal Kombat in real life.”

8. That’s assault.

“In high school a guy punched a girl in the face, slammed her head into the wall, and threw her on the ground.

He was big and mean enough that the adults just froze in their tracks.”

9. Fight!

“My school had this thing called “intervention”. It was like study hall, but only around 25 minutes long, and it was designed to help out kids who needed help finishing work (though let’s be honest it was just a short study hall meant to fill up the school day) and it was always right after lunch. We had to wait outside the classrooms for the teachers to get back from their lunchbreaks though.

Sometimes they came quick (before or right after we got there) but other times they came late… one time my teacher came 15 minutes late. And they never came at the same time, so it was awkward, being alone in the hallway while everyone else was in class.

It was 8th grade, and a rather bad day for teachers, they were all late. We were all waiting outside the classrooms, and the hall was packed with 14 year olds. Inevitably, a fight broke out between two kids. One of them was named Joe, and the other was named Luke (I think. I could be wrong on Luke.)

Joe was a huge prick who was in most of my classes, and Luke was a 7th grader that was also somewhat of a prick. There were punches and pushes thrown, but it was really had to see/hear it because of all the kids. In fact, I didn’t even know what was going on until I heard a scream.

In the hallway, there was a metal box on the wall that held the fire extinguisher. Joe had pushed Luke into it, and Luke hit the back on his head on the metal corner of it.

Luke let out this blood-curdling scream, holding onto the back of his neck, crying and shouting, “MY HEAD!” everyone backed away from them, and there I saw Joe standing still, looking horrified – and Luke, on his knees with a trail of blood running down the back of his neck and ear. It was my first time seeing so much blood that wasn’t my own or on the internet, and it really startled us all.

A janitor saw it, and unlocked all the classroom doors with his keys, and ordered us to get into class (which we did) while he took Luke to the nurse. Our teachers eventually came, but they couldn’t let class out.

The reason being, blood had gotten on the carpet of the hall, and that was a health hazard. After around 45 minutes, the janitor was unable to get the blood out, so he just put a trash can over it and told nobody to move or touch it.

The day went on as usual. Around a week later we found out that Luke had to get 5 stitches in the nape of his neck, and his parents chose to pull him out of our school.

Joe was also suspended for the fight, but apparently Luke’s parents threatened legal action, so that suspension turned into an expulsion rather quickly. Rubber padding was put around the fire extinguisher box so it wouldn’t happen again, and to this day I don’t know if the blood ever got out of the carpet.”

10. Meltdown.

“I seen a teacher have a literal mental breakdown in front of an entire class.

He was a English teacher and was in charge of looking after the kids that other teachers couldn’t/ wouldn’t deal with. I guess one day he just snapped. Stood up, threw a chair at a pupil and started punching holes in walls and screaming in a really psychotic manner.

The teacher next door heard the commotion and realized pretty quickly what was happening. She came in and persuaded him to go with her to the staff room or something and we never seen him again.”

11. Crack is whack.

“In high school knew a kid who was a legitimate crackhead. Stated arguing with on the security guards one day and ended up punching a security glass window hard enough to crack it.

Pretty sure he broke multiple bones in his hand.”

12. Rival gangs.

“I went to school in Southern California. Our school had 2 rival gangs along with a dozen or so full time bouncers with nightsticks. We had kfc, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and a standard cafeteria to choose from for lunch. This day I decided to eat in the cafeteria.

As I walk in I see a tall skinny black guy punch this Latino chick in the face. She stayed down for maybe a second, and got up a completely different person. Fueled by pure rage alone she turned and focused all of her attention on the guy that hit her.

He was still celebrating his short lived victory when both of her feet left the floor and she flew at him. She punched his face repeatedly as he tried to block the repeated blows being rained down on him by this little ball of fire.

Now keep in mind, she was a good 6-8” shorter than he was, in one seemingly fluid motion she wrapped an arm around his head, planted both feet, and she straight up suplexed him, WWE style, into a table, and let him drop to the floor on the other side.

By the time one of the guards made it in, the black dude had snuck away in shame and everything else was back to normal as though nothing had happened.

I went to Grab some pizza instead.”

13. Terrible.

“A kid in my school year stabbed one of my friends in the back. Not verbally, I mean with an actual kitchen knife.

We were 11.”

We are in the UK and it’s 31 years ago in a place near Peterborough. I’ve tried finding it online but there aren’t any online articles about it, I’ve asked my Mum as she is a hoarder and she might have a copy of it from the paper as it made national headlines.

He was stabbed in the back and it narrowly missed his spine. He was in hospital for a week as needed surgery to remove the blade and then went home with no side effects physically except the scar, which was pretty impressive. Obviously psychologically was a different kettle of fish.

The boy that stabbed him wasn’t one of his friends but wasn’t an enemy either. He had gone around that morning saying that he was going to stab someone but no-one took him seriously. He was sat at the desk behind S (my friend) and leaned forward and stabbed him. He was expelled but at that time I believe the law was that he was considered a child and therefore couldn’t be prosecuted. Knife crime wasn’t really a ‘thing’ here in the UK at the time.”

14. The pervy dude.

“We had this real pervy dude who later threatened to shoot up the school.

He would constantly grab girls and harass people and eventually he decided to f**k around with the sister of 2 identical twin brothers who are nearly 6’6.

Needless to say they tore him apart. Hit him so hard his shoe flew off then beat him for another ~30 seconds. He was covered in blood, could hardly walk, and had his other shoe stollen by the twins.

As they were being escorted out in cuffs everyone started cheering and yelling to free them.”

15. This got ugly.

“Wasn’t there but heard about it from friends there, one of the most loved teachers in my school was doing a dance class for a bunch of pupils and they were copying her every movement, she had a stroke and fell to the floor and a bunch of kids did the same thinking it was part of the routine , pretty tragic cause she later died in hospital.”

16. That’s pretty disgusting.

“My friends uncle had recently shot and gutted a deer. We decided to bring the severed deer head to school and unlocked the trophy cabinet and stuck the head in amongst the other trophies.

In school suspension for all involved.”

I’m really glad my school days in firmly in my rearview mirror…

Do you remember the most messed-up things that happened when you were a youngster at school?

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