16 Times Teachers Tried to Teach Something That Was Straight up BS

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8. Not True

Rivers can only flow north/south.

Also rivers can’t split.

9. 52

That there are 52 states in the US including Chicago and New England.

10. Where are these teachers from?

That helicopters aren’t supposed to be able to fly. Apparently nobody can explain how they fly and it’s all just a happy accident.

11. Mecca

After a Muslim visits mecca, he changes his name to Mohammad.

This was my fifth grade teacher. She seemed to think that since Mohammad Ali (Cassius Clay) changed his name after visiting Mecca then all Muslims did. Unfortunately, I believed this for far too long.

12. This Is Great

Had a history teacher try to explain that one of the reasons the North won the Civil War as because they had jet fighters. He didn’t actually believe it; he was just trying to see how many people were paying attention. At least one person was not.

13. Evolution

 That evolution wasn’t real because it is preposterous to think that animals can mate with different species and form an entirely new species. If they did then how come we don’t have horse-rabbits and whale-salmon and kangaroo-dogs. I got kicked out of class for trying to explain that isn’t what evolutionary theory states at all. Although kangaroo dogs would make awesome pets.

14. History Lesson

 Well, there was one teacher who insisted Belgium (where I live) was spared during both World Wars. She claimed that no fighting had taken place in Belgium. I still am as passionate about history as I was then (that’s why I want to be a history teacher). And unable to make her change my mind I basically wrote a paper about the Battle of Passchendaele and Battle of the Bulge. And FACT’ED the crap out of her.

15. Wrong Ocean

In fifth grade, a teacher told the class that Japan was in the Atlantic Ocean. He managed to get the class on his side until I pulled down the giant map and showed him.

Felt so good.

16. Based On The Bible

That the Iliad and the Odyssey were based on the Bible….when I asked how that could possibly be accurate, she just smiled and told me that the New Testament was written in Greek, as if that proved her point.

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